As the year comes to a close I want to go over the progress I have made. It has been a year of ups and downs. I have been depressed so long I am unsure when it all started. My guess for this bought is the death of my best friend Jeff but I have always had problems with depression. This has caused weight gain with 0 fucks given. The death of 4 very important people, 2 of which were my parents became the thing that complete broke me down to my very core. I lived in crisis mode just trying to get by. With the birth of my daughter I had to rebuild and so months before I began my journey.


I would like to thank my wife fore sticking with me these years as I know I have been hard to live with.

Weight Loss

I started kickboxing, then dieting, then Tai Chi, and finally I started with my personal trainer. To date I have logged over 100 days of calories, and lost 40 lbs. Below you see me at 366 and 325.6. I am continuing to work hard into the New Year and hope to be a better healthy person. I would like to thank my personal trainer Blake as well.


Mental Health

I started Therapy and got a psychiatrist this year in order to heal my mind from the trauma of losing those I loved. I then began crochet as a therapy to calm my nerves and give my hands something to do. Below I have started Charlotte’s blanket.


My family has grown and added a new member. Ky is growing into a great young man and Charlotte is coming into a fun personality. We are beginning a new chapter and we couldn’t be more happy.



At my job I was promoted to QA Technical Lead and am now working on test automation to sharpen my skills and my brain. This year has been great overall and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


But 2019 please slow down. My kids can’t grow up too fast. Before I was missing Ky grow up and now I am present for both my kids.

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