Been a While and 2019 is on the Horizon

It has been almost 2 months since I have posted and I have been doing rather well… or so it seems. When I posted my last blog I was .1 away from 20lbs lost. As December ends I am at 37.3lbs lost and hoping to lose the 2.7 lbs before the new year so I can continue my claim of 10 lbs a month gone. I am on track for this I just have to get this week done.

The holiday’s were hard, I easily kept on track during Thanksgiving. Tracking every piece of food I eat. I have now tracked my calories for over 100 days. Christmas I didn’t do as well, and I was sadder missing everyone I have lost. Luckily my family helped me me out and we had a great time with my cousins and uncle. The main thing is even though I may have over ate those couple days I stayed active and lost almost 3 lbs because of it.

Now we are coming to a new year, 2019. The estate is done, my daughter is growing, Ky is growing to fast, and my wife is as beautiful as ever. Am I going to make a New Years resolution?.. no. I started everything I needed to back in August. There is no time like the present to make a resolution and stick to it. I am not waiting for the year to pass me by when I can change today.

On the mental health note, I have got on good depression meds that helped immensely. The only problem is my brain went into overdrive. I was in crisis mode for over 1.5 years because of what happened to my parents, aunt, and uncle. I was depressed and I am constantly on electronics to do my hobbies and work. Just one of these things can cause your brain to jump into overdrive and I was living with all three.

I got tested for ADHD and what they found out was my mood needed to stabilize as my brain was on overdrive. So in order to bring my brain back to neutral, I started a hobby, with inspiration from my wife. She wanted to learn knitting, so I decided to learn crochet. There are many mental health benefits to learning crochet. It reduces stress and anxiety, helps relieve depression, and builds self esteem. It has helped my brain get back to base. Now I can spend time with my family, and communicate when keeping my hands active.

My workout routine has changed as well. I had to go to physical therapy for my back because I was over working muscles never worked before and had under-formed muscles in other areas. So I stopped kickboxing and moved to a personal trainer. He has helped me a lot and I have been doing serious workouts 2 times a week. I am trying to move to 3 times a week, as my schedule allows. I have also stopped Tai Cheng, because spending time helping my wife get the kids ready in the morning was way more important to me. That, and more baby cuddly time which is very important for my mental health.

All in all I feel better and look better coming into the new year. People are noticing I have lost the weight. To me the weirdest comment I get is when people say they can tell I have lost weight, by looking at my face… my face is 90% beard… how can you tell?

I hope you all doing well, and I wish the best for you in 2019.

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